Family Relationship Coach

Relationship Coaching has many of the same elements as Life Coaching. The difference is that there are two people present. There also are times when a family can also be coached.

In addition to supporting each person in releasing blocks to their fulfillment, blocks in family relationships need to be addressed such as:
  • Clearing up old and current discords, disappointments and hurts.
  • Establishing agreements and following through.
  • Stress management including finding a balance between work life and home life.
  • If there are children involved, ensuring that there is accord in their co-parenting.
  • Resourcing the couple with effective communication tools.
  • Setting intentions and goals.
I see my role as one who:
  • Sets the tone and creates a safe place for the couple to express their truths.
  • Provides facilitation to get to the important issues and keep things on track.
  • Empowers the individuals to act as a partnership.
  • Assists the individuals to try new tools to communicate more effectively.