Elder Care Mediator

Elder Care Mediation – an Overview

As people age, their needs change which can impose new stresses on elders and their loved ones. At times, these stresses can raise conflicts within families regarding the care of loved ones. Creating a safe environment through the mediation process supports the individuals involved in managing the stresses inherent in these change of life issues so that families remain intact.

Issues Addressed in Elder Care Mediation

Mediation can provide a forum for creative problem solving as new challenges are faced such as:
  • Caregiver Burnout
  • Residence Decisions
  • Medical Care Options
  • Financial Planning including Estate Planning
  • Issues Related to Driving
  • Relationship Matters and Communication Issues
  • Agreeing on financial responsibilities as well as the day to day responsibilities.
  • Planning for future issues to avoid conflict.

These decisions often require difficult conversations within a family. The focus of elder care mediation is what is best for the senior while also minimizing family conflict.

Elder Care Mediation Process

Through the elder care mediation process, the concerns of the elder are heard as well as the family members and service providers in order to create a plan to meet the presenting needs. This involves creating a forum for siblings to discuss how they will work together to meet these needs which includes division of labor and financial planning. My role as a mediator is not to make decisions for families but to create a safe and respectful place for families to work together to establish mutually agreed upon plans.

Location Location Location

In simpler times, families stayed in closer proximity than the majority of families do today. In today’s reality, adult children and parents may live far and wide, Mediation can still occur through face to face meetings or through conference calls (including video conferencing) or by a combination of some people meeting in person and others joining in through phone and/or video link.