What is Coaching?

As the picture to the right depicts, there are times when our professional and personal lives can feel as if we are lost in a maze. I see my role of Coach as someone who can help identify where you are stuck and what personal goals you choose to achieve. Once we discover the gap between your current reality and your intended personal goals, I provide support and tools to empower you to close the gap.

Professional athletes and performers have coaches. They know that they need someone else to help them bring out their best and accomplish their goals. Jim Rohn puts it this way, “We could all use a little coaching. When you’re playing the game, it’s hard to think of everything.” Coaching starts with establishing rapport between the person and the coach as there needs to be a foundation of trust in the coaching relationship. That leads to synergy between the person and their coach and that ultimately creates momentum to bring the person greater success.

Unlike real estate where location is key, coaching can be done over the phone and a web cam can also be added to the dialog so no matter where you are, it is possible to have me as your coach.

My focus is to help people release the pain of being stuck, help them empower themselves and move their lives forward to achieve their goals. In facing challenges, I find that it is easy to slip into the common reflex modes of “Fight, Flight or Freeze.” For me the antidote to this is: to replace “Fight” with facing the challenge creatively instead of wasting energy in opposition, to replace “Flight” with facing the facts no matter how humbling they may be and finally, to replace “Freeze” with: exploring options, forming an action plan, and doing the work that is necessary to meet the challenge.

What drives a lot of us is pursuing financial security. I have found myself over the years coaching people to look for: Meaning, Fulfillment and Purpose in their work lives, as well as their personal lives, and to link that with accomplishing their financial goals and life goals.