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The Power of Restraint

I have been immersed in the strife occurring across the Middle East in recent months. This has given me pause to consider what the possible solutions are to these age-old conflicts. In order to find solutions, a logical starting point is to look at cause. Is what we are seeing competing interests over oil, the clash of religions, the clash …

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Four Essential Elements for Business and Relationships

As I work with my clients, patterns emerge that I often distill into models to allow me to be more precise in my work. After coaching many entrepreneurs over the years, I have developed the following building blocks for success in business. I have found these variables also are useful in building healthy relationships, a process which I outline toward …

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Silverback Gorillas

I have had to admit to myself as a baby boomer that I have reached the stage of my life and the phase of my career where I am a silverback. In their natural habitat, silverback gorillas are the alpha group leaders. They each typically lead a band of five to 30 other gorillas and play a variety of roles …

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Facing Empty Nest

I was recently working with a client whose only son is going out of state to college soon. What I shared with her may be of value to others so I am posting this as a guidepost when facing empty nest. 1) Acknowledge that you have a done a great job “launching” your child into adulthood. 2) Assure yourself and …

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The Impact of “Invisible” Illness

When he was writing his book, Starting Points for a Healthy Habitat, Carl Grimes interviewed me for one of his chapters. Although Mr. Grimes was addressing the emotional and psychological impacts of someone with an environmental illness, what I said to him easily could be describing someone with a head injury or any other invisible condition such as chronic fatigue …

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Small Business Coaching Workshop

Chart Your Course for Success — In uncertain times, don’t wait. Create. Which business issues keep you up at night and how should you address them? How could you regain market share or get into new markets? What do you currently want to change about your business? Do you have a plan to navigate current market conditions and the uncertainties …

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Ethics Workshop

An organization based in Australia contacted David to create a 5 day program for their practitioners which included 2 days on Ethics, 2 days on Tools to Relate to Clients and 1 day on Promoting Your Private Practice. The course was received very well and has been approved by The Energy Kinesiology Association (EnKA®) as an accredited course that is …

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Tools for Turbulent Times: A Workshop for Life in the 21st Century

There is an ancient Chinese proverb and curse, “May you live in interesting times”. Markets down, inflation up, dollar down, housing foreclosures up, savings down, you get the picture. What does all of this mean for You, Your Relationships, and Your Career? This workshop is designed to help us navigate through the uncertainties of Life in these interesting times. In …

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Life Alignment Workshops

David is an advanced teacher and the U.S. coordinator for Life Alignment, a system of energy work that he uses as a form of body centered psychotherapy and finds to be an elegant tool in releasing trauma. He is an Assistant Professor at Holos University where he teaches Life Alignment part time. To learn more about Life Alignment and David’s …

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How a Lesson Learned in Childhood Can Help Us Manage Stress and Trauma

I just finished a psychotherapy session with one of my clients who is recovering (well I might add) from an injury. Along with the physical symptoms, she has been plagued by worry and that is what she wanted to address today. As we dove into the issue, her belief system surfaced and she began defending her worrying. It went something …

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