About David Pasikov

David Pasikov Boulder ColoradoDavid Pasikov is a past president of the Colorado Association of Psychotherapists and has a private practice in Boulder, Colorado. Over the past 30 years he has helped thousands of teens, adults, couples and families transform stress into strength and pressure into performance. He also is a certified Executive Coach and a Mediator.

In addition, for several years he has been a corporate trainer. He has facilitated trainings with Intuit, Aera Energy (a joint venture of Shell and Exxon Mobil) and Amerigroup. David is the U.S. coordinator for Life Alignment, a system of energy healing and transformation, that he uses as a form of body-centered psychotherapy. From January 2011 until he retired from the faculty in January 2015, David was an Assistant Professor at Holos University where he taught Life Alignment part time.

The common thread for all these services is helping people release blocks in their lives so they may have a deeper experience of fulfillment.

"Lasting change can occur rapidly with the right tools." Psychotherapist located in Boulder, Colorado. Serving clients from Lafayette, Louisville, Broomfield, Erie.